Deposit payment shall be made within 72 hours of the initial proposal to hold the date and full payment is required 72 hours before commencement of the party. A credit card hold will be placed 24 hours before the party commences in addition to the services fees for any damages, time overages, and changes made. 

Payment of the deposit proposed acts as a binding contract and shall be honored as such by both parties.

TERM.  This contract will terminate automatically upon completion of the  Services required by this contract. If the service agreement is for a minor under the age of 21 years of age a parent or guardian must sign and will be held responsible for the contract and actions of the minors.


 DAMAGE  POLICY  &  FEES  The driver inspects each vehicle before,  during,  and after each rental.  In the event of damage,  the customer shall be responsible for any repairs or cleaning.  The  following  will  result  in the automatic loss of your  deposit:

•    Cracked or Broken Windows
•    Smoking Burns
•    Damage to Seats
•    Damage to Lights, TV, or Stereo Equipment
•    Excessively Spilled Fluids
•    Any Bio-hazardous Fluid Left Behind

Should damage exceed the deposit fee, the customer will be held responsible for the balance.


 NO REFUND  POLICY.  There is a  strict no refund policy.  Once payment has been made there are no exceptions. Changes to the agreed-upon itinerary as spelled out in the proposal will require a $100 change fee for every instance of change.     All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to


 We have no tolerance for both VIOLENCE and ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. In any such case that either of these become an issue, your entire party will be dismissed at the location of the incident and YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Any incidents of unruliness, violence, or threats of violence towards the employees, representatives, or agents of Bishop TransExpress LLC will result in the cancellation of the party and law enforcement involvement.

LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY Bishop TransExpress LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen items during or after the completion of the rental. However, any property left by a passenger in a vehicle shall be reported by the driver within  30  minutes after its discovery,  and thereafter returned to the passenger or held at the company as soon as possible, but in any event within 12 hours after its discovery, at the passenger’s expense.


DELAYS. Bishop TransExpress LLC shall not be held responsible for late arrivals caused by acts of nature, traffic delays,  breakdowns,  incorrect pick-up or drop-off information, and any situation beyond  Bishop TransExpress LLC control. 

 For pick up and drop off services it is one hour only. Any time over is assessed at $165/per hour in full at any time greater than an hour.